Online Banking Security

Online Banking Security Features

Online banking offers a range of security features built-in with our online banking product to ensure a safe, secure online experience for your customers. These features protect customer’s data and protect against phishing attacks. Phishing attacks use spoofed emails and fraudulent websites designed to fool recipients into divulging personal financial data such as credit card numbers, account usernames and passwords, social security numbers, etc. A Phishing attack may be able to copy the look and feel of a website, but it will not be able to replicate the features listed below.

Multi-Factor Authentication: FFIEC guidelines call for online authentication with software-based token and private questions only the end user would know. The level of fraudulent activity is staggering, that’s why it pays to use Washington Federal’s online banking. Our MFA solution uses something only the end user knows (User Name and PIN/Password), as well as something only the server knows(Security Key Image) to finalize a two-way handshake. No clumsy tokens or intrusive biometric conditions are required, eliminating the potential systems infrastructure and related costs to your financial institution.

Start Page Selection: Customers can select the page that appears when they begin their online
banking session. This offers both convenience and security, as a customer can instantly recognize they have logged into a fraudulent site if the page that appears after they log in is not their assigned start page.

User Color Settings: Account holders can change the background color and table colors for a customized look and feel. This feature can add to session security, since each account holder can customize their banking experience.

Random Security Code: This feature offers an additional layer of security during the login process and is intended to prevent or impede automated attacks also known as “brute force” attacks.
Attackers can use automated applications, such as password guessing tools and scripts, in order to try all the combinations of well-known usernames and passwords. Such applications may use default password databases or dictionaries that contain commonly used passwords or they may try all combinations of the accepted character set in the password field.

Adding random words via images makes it difficult for automated programs to guess passwords.
Instead of two credentials for automation (login and password) our online banking application adds a third credential, the Random Security Code. This makes it difficult for automated programs to identify the third credential because the program cannot read randomly generated images.

Security Key: Customers can choose any key words, numbers or characters to display on the first page after login. This helps the customer verify they are logged into the real online banking site when the security key is displayed.

Online Banking Security Overview

Customer Nickname: Customers can create an alternate name to use instead of their account number when they log in to online banking. This feature is especially helpful for customers who have trouble remembering their account number.

Secure Messaging: Customers can send and receive secure interactive messages with us and will see the time the message was sent.

Washington Federal Bank is proud to be at the cutting edge of online banking security. We constantly innovate in this area so our customers can leverage the most secure environment available for your online banking transactions.