Banking Services and Fees



ATM and Debit Card Fees  
Washington Federal Bank ATM  
  Inquiries, Withdrawals and Transfers No Charge
NON-Washington Federal Bank ATM  
  Inquiries $1.50/transaction
  Withdrawals and Transfers $1.00/transaction
  Card Replacement $10.00
Insufficient Funds, Return Item and Stop Payment Fees
Insufficient Funds Service Charge (ACH) $35.00
NSF Return Item Fee (Checks) $35.00
Return Check Deposit Fee $35.00
Collection items (checks drawn on foreign banks  
denominated in US dollars) $45.00
Overdraft Fee1 $35.00
Stop Payment (in writing)  
Regular $25.00
Check Series or Recurring ACHs $35.00
Washington Federal Bank Cashier Check $35.00
Wire Transfers (customer only)
Domestic Incoming/Outgoing $20.00/item
Foreign Incoming /Outgoing $55.00/item
Passbook/Statement Services and Copies
Account Statement or Check copy $10.00/item
Accounts closed within 90 days of opening $25.00
Account Research and Reconciliation $25.00/hour; 2 hr min
Copy of any document $.50/page
Dormant account fee2
  Checking (after 90 days) $5.00/month
  Money Market (after 3 years) $5.00/month
  Online banking (after 90 days) $5.00/month
  Online bill pay (after 90 days) $5.00/month
  Savings (after 3 years) $15.00/quarter
Minimum Balance Fee $10.00
Passbook replacement $10.00
Retirement account closeout or transfer $25.00
Sweep transfer fee (per day) $10.00
Bank check (savings accounts only) One free per month
Bank check $10.00/check
Check printing/orders Varies by style
Check cashing (on-us checks only)
Non-customer ($1,000 limit/day) $10.00
Coin counting / Currency Orders (customers only) No charge
Balance Verification $25.00
Immigration $25.00
Levy/Garnishment $25.00
Miscellaneous $25.00
Money Orders (customer only)
$0.01 – $500.00 $1.00
$500.01 – $1,000.00 $2.00
Notary Service (customer only) No charge
Non-Truncated Check Inclearings/over 25 cks .25/item
Non-Truncated Check OTC/over 25 cks .25/item
Signature Guarantee (customer only) $10.00
1 Overdraft fees may be imposed by any of the following means: Checks, or other electronic means (excluding ATM and debit card transactions).
2 An account is considered dormant if no activities have been made to the account and no communication has been received from the
 account owner. Online Banking and Online Bill Pay are considered dormant if no activity has been conducted.